Friday, August 14, 2009


Lately there has been a fair amount of new fiber around Chez Earin's. Some fabric too along with a couple of new toys. (I can't really explain about the tomato.)

I have fallen in love with this little gadget which was a birthday present from my knitting buddy (and good friend) Gail. It has almost everything a well stocked knitting basket needs. I loves it.

One of the Auburn Knit Night Knitters (say that three times really, really fast) was cleaning out her house recently and brought various items including yarn to knit night. I scored some yarn and a lovely pair of sandals. (Noro's "Silver Thaw".) She was making a shawl and just didn't feel the love. I'm not quite sure how much but something like 5 skeins. AKN had it's first annual pool party and it was so much fun that I didn't take a single photograph though I did polish off the rest of the potato salad. Not only do we knit we're darn fine cooks too.

After a fairly long period of back and forth emails on Ravelry I purchased a HUGE amount of Rowan California Cotton (discontinued alas) that I adore. I always enjoy the various emails one has with complete strangers all over the world talking about yarn. I think I'll have a very good time with this yarn.

The froggie was my birthday gift from Kate who has a very fine blog at long last. Froggie is a tape measure and I adore him. (Link to her blog when I find it. Done!)

Some Colinette superwash sock yarn destined to become a baby item. Or socks. Or....who knows. I also bought some Mountain Colors superwash sock yarn in a lovely varigated purple that's around here somewhere... I started some Baby Monkey socks in it but it's so dark I am having difficulty seeing the stitches even in a good light.

The Monkey socks are finally done. What a cool pattern.

Garden Stuff

The garden continues to be bountiful. These little pumpkins are so tasty. I'm going to grow a lot more of them next year.

These English cucumbers are now bread and butter pickles.

...and tomatoes. We have lots at long last.

On the Baby Front.

I continue to make baby items for little Sammy. This fabric was turned into baby bath blankets.

I'm about to do the sole of the second sneaker bootie. The photo doesn't really show that the white yarn has sparkles in it. Diamonds on the soles of his sneaker booties. Way cool.

Next up. Finishing off more UFO's (yeah, the Pink Mimosa) and sewing up a table cloth to go with my new placemats.


At 5:08 PM, Blogger Valerie said...

Let me know if your Knit Kit holds up. I've read some rather harsh reviews of them, but they sound perfect for car knitting. All the accessories in one place, not so loseable...

Your Monkeys are so pretty! One of these days I'll knit myself some, I'm sure.

I'm envious of your English cukes! My four cucumber plants have devolved into one tiny, sad plant covered in powdery mildew that has yielded two small, bitter cukes. I do not have cucumber mojo AT ALL.

Those baby blankets are SO CUTE. Someday I may make you teach me to sew. I'm frustrated because I can't use my sewing machine since I lost the manual somewhere in my house. I know how to thread it, and I know how to change needles, and I know how to use the settings. But. Something's wrong with the way I have things loaded and every time I try to draw up some thread from the bobbin, I break a needle!

At 1:51 PM, Anonymous The Enabler said...

Purple? Did she say Purple? We likes purple, we do, we do.

The baby blankets are so cute. I am sure little Sammy will be dry and happy with them.

To Valerie - check your bobbin case, or the way your bobbin is installed. Sounds like it could be backwards. Also, most machines have a manual online - google your brand and model, and see what comes up.


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