Saturday, February 20, 2010


We are about to hit the highway again for our annual trip to Phoenix by way of Death Valley. This time though it will be with FIVE cats and Omar. The Squeakers have had only one short trip so far in the RV and they are both ready to go into heat in the near future. We have our fingers crossed that it happens *after* we return home. They will be whisked over to the vet's when we return to be spayed.

It always amazes me how much effort goes into getting ready for a trip. Here is my knitting basket. Never leave home without it. A variety of easy projects that can be done in a bouncing vehicle with various animals vying for lap space. I never get as much knitting done as I expect on these trips but dang it, I'm prepared!

We are both excited to be able to spend some time with The Enabler and Prince Charming. We never get to see them enough. They will get to meet The Squeakers and we will finally meet Pip and Max.

One of the things we will do while visiting is go motorcycle riding. This time it's a road bike so I will sit in the back and look decorative. Opie is wondering just where he is supposed to sit. Opie is a Most Adventuresome cat.

I am making good progress on the green sweater reknit. Multiple try-on's assure me that it fits. Oh yeah, right.

Spring come drifting in on cat paws.



Mini daffodils.


At 11:01 AM, Anonymous The Enabler said...

Ahem. Puck says I have to inform you that his brother used to be named Pip, and was renamed Maximus (aka Max).

He has always been Puck.


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