Thursday, April 22, 2010


Okay, so it's still raining on and off but things are starting to bloom and I have a strong desire for COLOR.

Using the scraps from my vintage apron I was able to get a little shirt made for Sammy. Buttons from stash and a pattern bought for 50 cents. Okay, I admit I was actually working on a shirt for myself with a shawl collar when I just couldn't stand fussing with it anymore. This was WAY more fun.

Thermis. One of two that I am making as presents. I don't yet have just the right buttons but I'll find them. Manos Silk Blend in 3043. The pattern took just a bit more than one skein (annoying) using size 3's. A very lovely little cowl.
There has been an awful lot of yarn buying lately (and ping ponging from project to project Must.Focus). One must not cruise websites if one does not want to buy yarn. Repeat 1000 times. May work. May not.
Spring Things

Clematis outside my kitchen window. The climbing rose might bloom at the same time. I'm hoping for at least a little overlap since the deep rose with the purple is stunning. To the left is a very nice euphorbia.


Lysimachia "Goldilocks". I was assured that it would not spread out of the container. If I did a wider shot you would see it for some distance. This stuff likes to spread.

What was sold as a pale yellow, fragrant lilac. It's pretty, it's white, and it has no smell. Flower catalogues also lie. Still, I like it.

Also spreading all over the property from seeds: Columbine.

The Future. Peonies to be.

I'm blanking. I've most likely blocked it from my mind. It it borderline invasive. It's hard to dislike since it grows everywhere and produces lots and lots and lots of flowers. Everywhere. I've already had to dig up several nearby plants (in the area it was officially planted) and relocate them. I rip it out by the armload and it loves it.

The potting shed of plenty. Climbing roses, a regular sort of climbing rose (The Floozy), a potato vine.

Wisteria. I need more of these.

...and bring up the rear, Ceanothus. I wish this flowered all year round. It's so pretty.


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