Saturday, May 15, 2010


There are many knitters who plan out their knitting. They have one or, perhaps feeling wild and crazy, TWO items on their needles at any given time. I am not that sort of knitter. I roam cyberspace drooling over this and that. I flip, I flop. I shift from one project to another in the click of a mouse. It's so hard to remain true. I am The Magpie. Koo, Koo, Cha, Choo.

I found myself coming back to Abigail and for now here I knit. I am liking her a lot. I should have just enough yarn from stash. (STASH! I'm using STASH!!) It's a hand painted alpaca/silk from A Star Alpacas which I bought at a Christmas show a few years ago. There is no lot or colorway name being a non repeatable item but it's a lovely collection of various shades of khaki greens with even a touch of pink. It's lovely stuff though it's hairier than I had expected. I am finding long hairs sticking out here and there.

I also started a new shawl, Traveling Woman, using my Sanguine Gryphon lace weight but have managed to put yarn overs where they shouldn't so I'm pretty much back to square one. I need to concentrate more with lace and that hasn't happened.

With the return of sunshine, warmth, and lots and lots of water things have gone into hypergrowth. (Though it did hail yet again less than a week ago.)

Every morning the tribe can't wait to get outside and sniff around. Interesting critters roam about in the night. One also needs a drink of that cool, fishy water.

Why does Mama keep snapping her fingers? Why indeed.

I have radishes.

Small native flowers that grow in the pond. Their exact name escapes me though they are obviously some type of iris. They are tiny, the flower is about the size of a dime.

More iris. Non native but gorgeous. The only thing I don't like is that you get one bloom and that's it until next year.

Tea roses.

The promise of the peonies has been kept. They are magnificent and smell good too.

Poppies. The color is pretty right on.

Poppies in context.


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