Sunday, May 09, 2010


After a single day of glorious sunshine without gusty winds we are overcast yet again. Possible rain and thunderstorms today with a 60% chance of rain tomorrow. I just hope it doesn't either hail or flip into the 90's.

Still, the cozy fire at night is very pleasant and there is always knitting. The demo version of the Mason-Dixon hanging dishtowel is complete. Size 5 needles and two skeins/two colors of Sugar and Cream cotton yarn. You won't need a night light with this colorway.

While cruising Ravelry for mitered objects I found this darling little heart ornament. It's quite clever yet easy to do. Made from less than 20 grams of sock yarn. The only thing I would do differently is to sew up the last part along the side. I am not quite happy with the way the last heart tip turned out. Still, I like it.

My Entourage

A girl is never lonely when wandering around the Back Forty (not that we have forty acres...we WISH). Where ever I go I have company.

Just what is Mama doing? Does it involve food?

Opal looking very photogenic. It comes easily to her.

A cat who loves baskets and his owner who photographs him.

It seems that anytime I spy Opie he's in a basket. At least this one is the right size.

2001. He has always had a thing for baskets. Then again we kept moving the litterbox around trying to find the right place and he was very confused. This one was under the side of the house. A kitten has to be sure.
Flowers and Things


We still have lots of iris yet to open.

The hostas are opening up.

The 4th of July climbing rose is coming into its own.

The flowers makes a very nice posy.

Lavender, minus Opal, with view.


At 5:20 PM, Blogger Lene Andersen said...

Lovely cats. Lovely flowers.


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