Sunday, May 02, 2010


Cats who love baskets and their owners who photograph them continues. Opie in an egg carton (free range, locally produced, organic - let's give credit where credit is due) and Opal in one of my gardening baskets.

Thermis. The second cowl is giving me problems. Apparently, I am not paying attention. It.Will.Be.Finished.Soon.Or.Else.I.Will.Go.MAD.

My next shawl. A step up for me. I have some laceweight arriving this week from The Sanguine Gryphon. I've never used laceweight before. Be still my beating heart.
Many Garden Photos

The 4th of July climbing rose is starting to bloom.

An azalea bush.

I've been very busy in the greenhouse. My mostly rather sad looking tomatoes (an aphid infestation is giving me conniptions) and the much healthier hard shelled squash.

An overview of the greenhouse. Such a useful thing to have.

The male of a nesting pair of bluebirds. Generally, birds start to nest during a period when we happen to not be outside. Then they get upset and abandon their nest when we start hanging around. I hope this pair stays.

We have lots and lots of lovely sugar peas to eat.

The flannel bush is looking good. It needs no water at all during the summer. It stores the winter rains in its root system.

Niobe. The first bloom on a very large clematis vine. All the late rain has made everyone grow larger than ever before.

The Floozie has been outdoing herself. There used to be a fig tree in front so more sun, more space to lean into. A girl needs room to grow.

Euphorbia and a climbing rose.


At 9:44 AM, Anonymous suzy said...

Your garden looks just beautiful. Love the flowers - so bold.

Why is it the larger the cat, the smaller the box they try to fit into? Opal looks like such a sweetie.


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