Friday, July 23, 2010



Today the mailman came to my door and handed me a cool package from my cyberfriend, Jollin, who lives in Singapore. She is the proud new mother of an adorable little girl and giver of great presents.

Yarn. Just what I wanted! I love yarn. I sniff it. I fondle it. I do a special little dance when I buy it in a real time store. I like to just look at the stuff.

I redid the ribbing on the shrug and finished it. Things seem to have stretched just a little. I haven't measured yet to be sure. It's superwash so I'm going to do a swatch and see what happens. I have found that with Cascade Superwash 220 you get pretty good results with machine washing and putting it in the dryer while watching it carefully. This might also be the case with tosh dk. Check out my blog next time for the amazing shrunken shrug.

I have started "Gretel" with the "same" yarn. Notice the difference in colors. The new stuff is much darker. Since Madelinetosh doesn't have lot numbers I wrongly assumed that the colors would be close, if not exact (okay, I know it's hand dyed in small batches, hope springs eternal). It's still pretty, still luscious, still in the color family and darn it, it's going to be a hat.

My African violets have rebloomed. Benign neglect pays off again.

A lily from my friend Mia. It finally bloomed and smells so sweet. You can catch a whiff around the yard. Not that I'm out much in the heat until the end of the day. I'm in vampire mode.

A cat in sunshine. Makes you just smile. Opal enjoying the adoration.

Opal discovering that I'm a little behind with cleaning out the back of my cupboards. Hey, it's time out from knitting. Need I say more?


At 4:33 PM, Blogger Lene Andersen said...

Still? Does that mean I missed the first one? Happy birthday!

Love that shrug!

At 12:46 PM, Anonymous The Enabler said...

She adores yarn. Not only does she fondle, pet and otherwise handle it, she dances about with skeins wafting from her fingertips.

She prances to and fro, juggling skeins while whistling off key.

This woman is a serious yarn-o-holic, and I love her for it!


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