Friday, July 09, 2010


Well, the summer heat has finally arrived. I kind of miss the late rains of spring. Still, the garden is going gang busters and I keep hoping that some of the many tomatoes on the vine would show a little color. In the meantime there are green beans and several types of squash to keep us from starving.

I have been sewing a lot but a bit of knitting is always happening. I bought two skeins from someone on Ravelry of tosh dk. I'm making my very first shrug. It's for my niece who's not only young (early 20's) but tiny. I'm having fun knitting something small and fashionable. So far the pattern is easy and the yarn delicious.

I have done about a third of Bakersfield.

Very depressingly I've overshot my increases on Goodale and will have to tink back. I hate tinking. One really should read the pattern beforehand. Other than that though it's a very nice pattern and the Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool is light and lovely to work with.

I am taking a break from Saroyan in tosh sock. Knitting on size 1's is so slow. Lovely pattern, incredible yarn, over half way done.


At the sew-in I picked up some lovely cotton twill with a touch of lycra fabric at the RuMage. This is a big table of other sewer's Not Wanted odds and ends. I've been thinking for some time that our couch cushions were a bit dismal. Okay, they were stained, faded, and the ends had been chewed. It was with pleasure that I carried them out to the trash cans.

These babies have zippers so at least the stained part can be easily dealt with.
While visiting The Enabler she not only plied me with Birthday Champagne but presents as well. What can I say, she does present giving extremely well. The sew-in also gives everyone presents pretty much at every meal. I particularly like the pincushion that says in lovely embroidery, "I survived the 2010 sew-in". I did and hope to survive next year's

My very own Day of the Dead pot holder, a very beautiful little notebook, three lip balms, an incredible seam ripper with retractable blades (with replacement blades) and a gorgeous rotary cutter. Underneath it all, several yards of embroidered fabric. It's so pretty which means it will have to be a very special pattern worthy of such fabric. I did have a great top fitted to me by The Enabler....hmmm.

Olive have taken to watching me sew, heck, watching me do most things. She is a darling.


At 9:08 AM, Blogger Valerie said...

Beautiful sofa cushions! And I love, love LOVE the Day of the Dead potholder ... if only I could figure out how to make my sewing machine function again. Maybe I should swallow my pride and take it to a repair shop and ask them what I did to mess it all up. Because man, that fabric series is the awesomest.

ROTFLMAO at your giant coat from the last posting, btw. Hope you can save it, but if not it'll make a great Halloween costume...

At 2:52 PM, Anonymous the Enabler said...

The Coat will not become a Halloween costume - a little ripping and restitching will have it in the right shape. That fabric is too luscious to waste. Think running your hands along a rack clothes and stopping dead-in-your-tracks when touching it.

Olive looks so precious. What a sweetie.


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