Saturday, July 03, 2010


Well, two tries and I move on. Blogspot won't let me load up my knitting photos. Suffice to say I have been knitting but not as much as usual because there has been a lot of...


I joined up with The Enabler in CactusLand for the 2010 Sew-in. Three days of sewing. Then we did a little more sewing. Then to wrap things up we sewed. Stuffed into the odd moment or two was laughing, eating An Enormous Amount of Food, swimming in the hotel's salt water filtered swimming pool in the early hours of the morning, drinking of champagne in our hotel room, talking about life, talking about sewing, and then falling into bed exhausted with fun. I can't wait until next year. It all went far too fast.

Approximately 80 women sewing. The Power! The Energy!

I reached new heights (at least documented) of Bed Head.

The Good News: I finally made my red coat up after talking about it for a few years.
The Bad News: It is far too large. Never fear. With about 300 hours of reworking I can salvage it.
And yes, I am Very.Close.Friends with Harry Potter.

There are now beans and squash being produced and a few tomatoes have set. I still haven't sunk my teeth into the first home grown tomato and I'm tired of waiting. Gardening is very humbling.

Despite there being so much still to do (mulching!) things are doing fine.

A close-up of a euphorbia.

Scabiosa. Original seeds from my friend Elaine who lives and Berkeley and practices the Darwinan Style Gardening. (Picture seeds being tossed out and the words, "Good Luck!" being uttered.) In my garden they reseed, overwinter, take long holidays, send out for take out, and overall Thrive.

I traded for a new type of daylily.

Zinnias grown from seed. They are supposed to be a deep apricot color but have a lot more pink than expected.
No adorable cat photos but they are around doing adorable cat things.


At 11:31 AM, Anonymous The Enabler said...

I still thin the red coat looks more like Obi Wan than Harry Potter. They're only a decade apart...

It should also require considerably less than 300 hours to unstitch and re-sew. Those are all straight seams. You will do fine, I know it!


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