Saturday, August 14, 2010


I have finished the cowl for my niece and last up are the wristwarmers. I keep flipping around about just which pattern I'm going to use, there are just so many nice ones. This cowl pattern is called Turtle Tracks, a free Ravelry pattern. It was fast and easy and a very nice fit. Close but you don't feel like you're choking. If you're a beginner knitter this would be a good project for practicing SSK and K2tog.

Size 5's on the ever varied colorway, Fjord/Tosh dk.

I am crazy about this pattern, Pimpelliese, another free pattern. I had some problems getting started but after that it was gravy. Malabrigo sock on size 3's.

However, while being fed a nice lunch and knitting with my friend, Gail, some serious dog romping occurred and P...whatever, now has a huge snag. I am not sure I can work it out so I may have to frog. I haven't given up yet, so keep your fingers cross. That is Omar to the left being a so-so guest and our adorable hosts, Gail and Abby. You guys can feed me lunch anytime!

Last week Hubby roared off on another motorcycle trip to explore the wilds of Oregon.

Before he left he whipped out this amazing and gorgeous cutting table for my sewing room. It's perfect for the space and exactly what I wanted and needed. I am now doing my part - sorting, folding, organizing the various bits and bobs that live in my sewing room. I will be So.Organized! Honest!!

Yeah, it currently really looks like this though to be fair it's worse because I had to pile things up to make room for the table.

While Hubby was away, and I was keeping the home fires burning I turned around one afternoon and noticed something...weird. Hair rising on the back of your neck, Steve McQueen seeing The Blob for the first time type of weird. It just freaks me out - thousands of things with stingers just outside my sliding glass door.

A hornet's nest. Huge. How did I never see it until now? Can we all say together, CREEPY!!! Mr. Bug Man is coming on Monday.


Anise Swallowtail.

Lots going on, most of it not being taken care of by me. Ripe plums, green beans, tomatoes, cucumbers (and more pickling of green beans/cukes), lotsandlotsandlots of squash.


At 4:57 PM, Blogger Valerie said...

OOH. Lots of great knitting, flowers, butterflies... {sigh}. And that table! Dick is awesome. You are going to really enjoy that. Hurrah!

Good luck with Gretel. I loved that pattern so much I've made it twice and have yarn for a third. I really love berets — the only type of hat that really suits me. But I don't actually need as many as I have, seeing as I wear them maybe five days a year. Ah well!


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