Friday, August 06, 2010


It's deep into summer now. Things are dry, dry, dry. Walking the Wonder Dog earlier this week I could feel the shift in the season. It's the downward slide into fall and winter though I am sure there will be many more hot days ahead. The days are noticeable shorter though and I find myself eying the woodpile and gauging if there is enough for another winter.

Bakersfield is finally finished! One of three scarves I am making for my annual Celtic Festival event in late Sept. We take turns bringing goodies but we always bring something even if it isn't our turn. Knit on size 3's in Sanguine Gryphon's Edios, On the Gate of Animals. I find myself wondering if they meant "gait" instead. A mystery.

I liked the pattern a lot though it turned out more of a scarf than a shawl, it just drapes instead of spreading. One end is much more pointy too. Not sure why. Not sure anyone will actually notice.

I started a cowl out of some more of the much varied than expected colorway, Fjord from Tosh DK. So far I am not using a pattern. I'd like to get a bit of ribbing done then experiment with cables so as to reflect the hat (Gretel). Stay tuned and listen for the sound of frogging.

Another sound that was recently heard was that of my credit card wincing. Filati's had a storewide sale and my friend Gail and I hustled out little selves right over arriving just before the doors opened. Heaven! Top it off with a girlie lunch afterward and I was One.Happy.Camper.

After a year of drooling this finally went on sale at 50% off. Adrienne Vittadini in the colorway Natasha. Wool/Alpaca/Nylon.

Mountain Colors River Twist in Whitewater River. 100% Merino. I can't help but imagine that these all together wonderful colorway names are decided in a boardroom somewhere in the most unromantic of environments. Still, I do enjoy them so.

Mountain Colors River Twist in Stillwater River. 100% Merino. The people at Mountain Colors have the most amazing sense of color.


I find myself making a mental list of things that need to be done before the cold and wet weather starts up. Gardens are a work in progress. There is finally a pretty steady stream of veggies now coming ripe. The joys of just off the vine tomatoes. Sigh.

Sunflowers, maple tree, crocosmia.

Salvia and grasses.


Will Purr for Prey. Opal discovered in her hidyhole waiting for unsuspecting birds. I keep telling her, RODENTS!!!! Not BIRDS!!! I have become quite adept at catching them after prying them from the jaws of not so kind kitties. It's a jungle around here.


At 5:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My favorite blog with yarn, flowers and cute (ferocious) kittens. Glad to see that one of my donatons, the lily, made the cut.

La Honda has been cold but I still got a few ripe tomatoes. The gophers ate most of my potatoes though. :-(

Tasha the hunter cat caught a bird and a rat this week.


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