Sunday, November 30, 2008


...and sit on it, pull out the pins, mush it into a wad, leave lots of cat hair, various, interesting puckers.

This is a very delightful vest that I first saw on Moonstitches. Free pattern, yarn from stash - a wool acrylic, not my favorite but machine washable which was perfect for the recipient. As in all surprises made for someone whose actual size you do not know it does not fit. Not in the least. I will likely frog it and knit it again sometime in a larger size and after getting measurements.


It has been awhile since I blogged. It just has been so busy and frankly, I'd rather be sewing or knitting rather than blogging. Not that I don't like blogging. I do. Just lots of company (yea!) and other fun stuff.

Along with working hard on my UFO's I have been working on a vest. I'm mostly at the fitting stage but I think I've got it where I like it. I went round and round about the length (I am doing the red tunic on the left). It just seemed so long. I took it up two inches. Still not right. I finally took out six more inches and it's just perfect. "Almost" cropped. I want to make sure this sucker is fitted just right before I cut out the gorgeous, expensive fabric to the right.

Kate had a birthday recently and I have been plotting since the summer as to what to get her. I decided to make her a circular, quilted tablecloth. Think "Giant Coaster" and you're there. I have very little quilting experience so it was a real "learning experience". I thank the ladies at my sewing guild for their patient advice and Suzy the Enabler too. I checked out three books from the library for additional support and set to it. (I love the library and being able to order books while never getting off the couch? Priceless. Now, if they would only bring them to my house.) I can see why quilts are planned out. I must have sewn up a couple of miles of fabric before I was happy.

Sharon made me a pair of Pomatomus socks as a thank you for her vest. Way cool! Though I have make a real effort to finish up projects and Not Cast On ANY Thing NEW. I did relent and started up some generic socks with some color work. No photo as yet but I'm at the toe decrease on Sock No. 1. Next up. Finishing that blasted baby blanket. Must Finish! Boring!!!


Chrysanthemums. (No, the photo isn't upside down. They're spilling out of a pot. I never got around to cutting them back so they're very leggy.) This is California. Northern CA to be sure but I still have roses blooming and grapes ripening. Not for much long. It's been relatively dry so no snow at all. Bummer. But days in the mid to high 60's, crisp but not freezing nights.

Omar wanting me to either let him in or out. I should have a doorman's vest. I open doors all day long. Yes, there is a cat door for the cats but they still rather have me get up and down.

Omar thinks the house could be a little warmer too.

The much anticipated second bloom of the clematis outside my kitchen window.

Garden produce. Sugar peas, various cherry tomatoes, chives. The sun golds are still ripening but I've since pulled the rest out. I am picking greens almost daily as I thin out my raised bed. Lettuce, beets, spinach. Yum.

Almost the last zinnias and roses.

Real lemons. Any gardener will tell you that each and every plant has a story. Bought here, planted there, moved, almost died, moved again. Thought it was dead. Caught on. There is drama everywhere you look. Gardening is never boring. But look, real lemons at long last.

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