Sunday, October 21, 2012



 We recently did a road trip over to Nevada to Ohh! and Ahhh! at our friend's new house. It is indeed magnificent though they are suffering from a very nasty case of Finish-itis. Not on their part but from the contractor, things ordered and not delivered or no longer available, just a very long list of un-dones. It was a big day when hot water became available though they are still waiting for a stove and oven. (The salt and pepper shakers cried The Enabler! I've found them!) Your try living with no seasonings, no oven, no knobs to open cupboards, and 99% of your possessions in mislabeled boxes while trying to work a full load. It was wonderful to spend some time with them and we plan to flit over the mountains between us Quite Often

Sandwiched in between visiting was taking the RV down to the Mammoth Lakes area. This is a trip we have planned several times but one thing after another came up and the trip was cancelled. This time though, we made it.

It snowed.

On our first day out we managed to get the RV (hauling a trailer with two dual sport motorcycles) down the 7 miles of a rather harrowing, pretty much one lane clutching the side of the mountain, slightly paved thing called "a road" at Devils Post Pile. We had planned to spend the night but the nice ranger lady assured us that "rain and ice" were predicted overnight and if we planned to haul our patooties out the next day we had better Think Again.

It didn't take a lot of thinking so we scurried out to see the geologic wonder (and it is absolutely amazing - go see it if you can) then crawled back up the mountainside. We camped a few miles east and the next morning we woke to snow and the lovely sound of the RV heater chugging away. (There were years when I backpacked carrying everything on my back but frankly, those days are over. Give me a clean bathroom, a shower, and a queen sized bed any day.)  By mid afternoon the snow was over so we went on a great motorcycle ride up to a place called Lookout Mountain which lived up to its name with glorious views.

After a few more days of this and that, included a great trip out to the south side of Mono Lake, we headed back to see our friends then back over the mountain and home. The cats, left at home with a sitter checking in on them, were happy to see us and even happier to get OUTSIDE.

At home the garden is winding down. I only grew two plants of small pumpkins but they produced and I continue with my quest to develop the best ever pumpkin curry. So far I've produced no losers but still am not quite satisfied.

Small cats, happy to be outside, just smell that fresh air.

 Before we left I attended a Celtic Festival with my friend Sharon in Grass Valley. It was HOT, um, like in the high 90's. She bought Omar some Faerie Wings. I felt a great need to try them on.

Omar wasn't quite so keen. Cute, but not Keen.

 What my socks look like after a walk with Omar. We are expecting our first rain tonight and feeling rather eager for it.

 I decided to make vinegar this year. I neglected to really consider that a container should be narrow at the top to slow down evaporation. All I thought about was "non-reactive". Luckily, of the two containers I used one was kind of narrow, one was not at all so it wasn't a dead loss. I will try again next year. The resulting goo was rather tasty. Two bottles of plum wine vinegar Very Reduced.

There are still plenty of flowers in the garden though the leaves are turning color and falling. I keep walking around my persimmon tree waiting for just the right shade of orange on the fruit. I do like persimmons.

Winter will be here before you know it. I must knit faster.

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