Friday, November 13, 2009


Every year we head over to Calistoga for a little R and R. Yeah, technically we're retired* but we still like to get out of the house and not be able to either clean the litter boxes or run a few loads of laundry.
*(Hubby actually works for himself - he started a small computer repair business nearly four years ago.)
It's always pretty but this year seemed especially so. The sky was milky which made for so-so photo taking but you can see that the grapevines are looking pretty darn nice.
We ate a lot of good food, had amazingly little wine, visited NO wineries but did cruise around a lot of twisty back roads which made hubby very happy. We spent a fair amount of time floating in hot pools mentally drifting. I did very little knitting or much of anything.

Even near town hubby can find dirt roads. It's a gift.

We did a six mile hike up to and past the Robert Lewis Stevenson cabin site. Vintage California scenery. Oaks, scrub brush, great to fantastic views. Manzanita, sage, madrone.
We're always a little smug that we've done The Palisades hike twice. Not sure we'll ever do it again but I hope so. It's about the most beautiful hike I've ever done in California that wasn't in Big Sur.

(Opal enjoying the undergrowth.)
Omar was taken to Miss Courtney's for a two day overnight. All the felines stayed home with massive amounts of food and water.
Lately we've let Opal and Olive do a small amount of outside exploring.

(Olive on the right. Opal giving me "the eye". Nearly 4 lbs as of Tuesday.)

They seem to still think indoors is much nicer. Now that the weather is cold (frost for the first time this morning) a place on the couch nearest the wood burning stove is just fine thank you very much.

Friday, November 06, 2009


I have a hard time with drizzle. It means a gray day mostly spent indoors but no real rain. Now the word,"mizzle" I adore. It just sounds cool. Shades of Jane Austen without any zombies thank you very much. I like my Jane neat.

Summer is over and most of fall too. As we head into gray days with or without mizzle or even decent rain one needs cheering up.

Some cheerful Day of the Dead fabric. Sounds a bit odd. Dead - Cheerful. Pretty fabric that I am going to use to make a vintage apron. My project for next summer's sew-in. The Enabler has already whipped up some Day of the Dead pincushions. It's our theme for the silent auction.

Another item for Sammy. Baby Sophisticate, a free pattern on Raverly. An easy, fast knit yielding a rather adorable little shawl collared jacket. Knit on size 5's using Lana Grossa Royal Tweed in an unidentified colorway (also using two other colorways for the buttonband touches). The color in the photo is way off. I still need a decent camera. It's a warm red-brown with small flecks of color. I liked the yarn a lot. A merino with a real twist to it. Great knitting for watching TV.

The Classic silk open cardi moves along. One more sleeve to go, a lot of seaming then the picking up along the front for the ribbed collar. It's going to be close going with perhaps not quite enough yarn. I was too embarrassed to take a photo when I seamed the two sides of the back together. Made a nice tube, a possible dog coat. Both fronts were sitting right there in front of me. Brain fritz-out. Alas, not that uncommon these days.


Yes, we have kittens. They chew, they mangle, they poke things (a lot of them knitting related) down the sides of the couch not to be seen again for a long time. They swing off of curtain pulls, they chew patterns through sheet protectors. They tumble through the house play flighting. They fall asleep - plop! They are adorable and growing like mad. 3.5 lbs last time I checked. Instant Purr Machines.


The garden needs *so* much work and I am so *uninspired".

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