Sunday, May 17, 2009


I recently learned that a friend of mine is pregnant so I have been in a FRENZY of knitting up baby items. So small! So cute! My eyes!

Deep excavations through my stash has resulted in 1) a very messy stash, 2) reminders that I have A Lot of Yarn, 3) I have a lot of yarn that I LOVE, 4) discovering that I have a fair amount of baby suitable items. The Pregnant Person is not likely to lovingly hand wash items so it's been either cotton (the bibs) or superwash/able to be washed but not put in the dryer. One does what one can. It's a boy (named "Peanut" for now) so no really wild flights of fancy. Doesn't mean one can't have fun though.

Kipling, a free pattern on Ravelry. It took me a long time to figure out how to do the sleeves. I like the pattern a lot but won't do the fold over hem again though I definitely will knit this pattern again. I did a crocheted edging on the bottom which I thought gave a better result. Still, a very nice little item. One and a bit skeins (newbie size) of RY Cashcotton DK #601 on size 6's from stash.

Mason-Dixon's baby bib pattern from their first book in Peaches and Cream cotton. One skein per bib, buttons from stash, knit on size 6's. These things are so easy to whip up.

Almost two skeins of Rowan Wool Cotton #954 on size 6's (am I stuck on size 6's or what?) from stash. Pattern from Vogue Baby Knits.

From "Knitting for Two" courtesy of my local library. Libraries are so cool. You sit on your couch cruising their database, you make your selections and voila! a short time later they arrive at the library down the street.

Chunky sweater done in 1+ skeins (first from stash - the second hunted down, cornered, and captured at my LYS) of Tessin - wool/cotton/artificial something or other). This thing knit up SO fast. It took almost as long to seam it. Knit on size 7's.


In other breaking knitting news - something for me!

My first Monkey Sock. One down, one to go. This is an amazing and wonderful pattern. It's beautifully written, so easy to follow, so easy to knit. I love it. Sundara superwash merino sock yarn in Robin's Egg. Lovely yarn, delicious color. You just don't get tired of working with it.

My knitting bud, Gail and I are going to knit Pink Mimosa together. I decided to use the yarn recommended - Plymouth Yarn Linen Isle. I found someone on Raverly with just the right number of skeins which I then purchased from her. The Very Next Day I found it half off at my LYS. Well, it's a great yarn and I can easily use it for a second project.

Interestingly, I knit about half of the left front on metal size 6's then decided to switch to bamboo size 6's and I'm getting a much tighter gauge. I may have to reknit because I like it much better. I'm also two full inches longer than the pattern says which might be because my gauge is a little looser than called for.

On the upper left is some more baby yarn that I found on sale. It's hard to stop. I can't remember what it is and I'm too lazy to walk upstairs to the living room.
Oh, and don't tell Gail I've started already. I mean, it's not a contest or anything.


My good camera is being repaired so I mostly have overly sharpened in Photoshop photos to share.

A California poppy but red.

Jupiter's Beard/Centranthus. This has gone rapidly from, "Isn't it great that something will actually grow and thrive in this spot?" to "Kill it! Kill it! It's EveryWHERE!!!"

We have peonies.

The Fourth of July climbing rose came down and much blood was shed tying it back up. It has thorns, very BIG thorns.

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