Saturday, February 20, 2010


We are about to hit the highway again for our annual trip to Phoenix by way of Death Valley. This time though it will be with FIVE cats and Omar. The Squeakers have had only one short trip so far in the RV and they are both ready to go into heat in the near future. We have our fingers crossed that it happens *after* we return home. They will be whisked over to the vet's when we return to be spayed.

It always amazes me how much effort goes into getting ready for a trip. Here is my knitting basket. Never leave home without it. A variety of easy projects that can be done in a bouncing vehicle with various animals vying for lap space. I never get as much knitting done as I expect on these trips but dang it, I'm prepared!

We are both excited to be able to spend some time with The Enabler and Prince Charming. We never get to see them enough. They will get to meet The Squeakers and we will finally meet Pip and Max.

One of the things we will do while visiting is go motorcycle riding. This time it's a road bike so I will sit in the back and look decorative. Opie is wondering just where he is supposed to sit. Opie is a Most Adventuresome cat.

I am making good progress on the green sweater reknit. Multiple try-on's assure me that it fits. Oh yeah, right.

Spring come drifting in on cat paws.



Mini daffodils.

Friday, February 12, 2010


This is Opie. The Opster. Opie-wan Kanobi. He's a wonderful cat, a real beauty with a lovely personality. He is also catnip to any new cat that moves into our house. He is tired. Very, very tired. Otis likes to wrestle with him and follow him around the property EVeryWhere.
Opie's brother, Ollie likes to pick fights with him (there is some subtle power struggle going on between them with neither being quite dominate enough). The Squeakers ADORE him BUT take up valuable lap space and petting time. They sniff at his treats. I think he has had just about enough.

The Squeakers, on the other hand, are having a Grand Time. Having finally grasped the concept of cat doors they are spending time outside. They get to explore ponds with small waterfalls under repair. Fish! The water tastes great! Let's poke it with our paws!

When they are not driving Opie to a serious catnip addiction or trying to break various parts of the house they sleep. Usually in my lap or draped across anything convenient whenever I am not sitting down.

Opie, here's a secret: It's almost time for the girls to get spayed.

Then again in a week we toss everyone into the RV and head over to Phoenix via Death Valley. Two adults, one small dog and five cats for two weeks. I may need to start drinking heavily 24/7. Or develop a taste for catnip.

Omar says: I used to be The One. After all, I'm the DOG.

Sad News

My lovely green sweater has proved to be just larger than I feel I can carry off. I haven't yet quite decided to frog it but I have started another. I am going down both a needle and pattern size. Stay tuned.

My beautifully tuned sewing machine and serger have been humming away on yet more Stealth Projects.

And while buying supplies for said projects I fell in love with these two fabrics. A twill, on the left, and a regular cotton print. I love the colors. Can you tell I am ready for spring?

Friday, February 05, 2010


I love having kittens. They are such joyous creatures. They are also dogged, determined, relentless, and totally focused about poking, prodding, or toppling anything that catches their interest. No matter where you stash something they find it. Here is Olive in action. The blue bar is just to show you that the floor lamp is tilted. Away she goes - Yea! Team Olive! Jump! You can make it!!

Last weekend there was girlfriend visiting. Kimberley and Marion. My Celtic Festival Cohorts. It's rare to have them visit and I was honored.

There was sadness in my heart when I realized that I had let my sewing machine servicing go WAY too long. It was weird and rather hard to have both my regular machine and the serger gone at the same time. I decided that I could do some prep work while they were gone and had a mini meltdown when I remembered that I had also sent my scissors out to be sharpened. Thankfully, everything is back and doing just fine. Which is good because...

...while they were out a box of fabric arrived.

Now I can start my stealth sewing now that my babies have returned to me.

I loved the Fleece Artist Scotian silk/wool yarn that I used for the Vine Lace Vest that when I found 5 skeins of it on sale I went a little bonkers and bought all of it.
I'm hoping to make this coat from it.

These two lovely books (the one on the left containing the coat) arrived yesterday. I'm intrigued by brioche but also somewhat intimidated. I've also started mooning over Dale of Norway patterns and have a few patterns coming soon. I think I'll start with a hat so I don't just overwhelm myself with stranding.
Question? Do you ever worry that you'll die before you knit everything you want to?

Speaking of knitting: More Fleece Artist wool being turned into a top down cardi for moi. I just never get tired of the colorway or the yarn.

This Barbara Walker pattern took far longer than I had expected. I like the result though. It's for the afghan that is being made for the owner of the coffee shop where my knitting group meets.

Just for Fun.

Omar, being the smart pupster that he is uses the treadmill to look out in the garden. He noticed a young buck eating grass (OUR GRASS!!! The Nerve!!) and did a great whole body bark. Must learn how my camera does videos.

Look! Real sunshine falling right out of the sky! We have been very rainy this year. Okay, so it you live on the east coast you have lots and lots of snow. We have rain mostly so a little sunshine is much admired. Tomorrow's forecast - 90% chance of rain.

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