Friday, August 27, 2010


This week's knitting has been all over the place. I keep making mistakes on Pimp...whatever and tinking/frogging back, and back, and back. Should have kept up with the lifeline. Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda.


Then the subject of wristwarmers. The last of the niece knitting. I think this is the fourth pattern I've tried out. No matter what, This.IS.IT. I don't have another wristwarmer in me (except for the hopefully, matching second mitt).

Garden News

The Naked Ladies are up and looking gorgeous.

Ditto the caryopteris. You know fall is just around the corner when, well, when the fall flowers start to bloom.

A mystery. I grew Cosmos from seed. Most of them have been earning their keep churning out flowers. Three of them are taller than I am (5' 4") and not a bud in sight. Same place (pretty much) in the garden, same treatment. Hmmm.


Who me?

Yes, you.

Saturday, August 21, 2010


The pest control man came promptly and relieved us of our wasps. A very nice man who posed for photos and even held Opal while I signed the form. We stood there taking phots as he prepared to douse the nest. I liked the part where he paused then yelled, "RUN!!" and believe me, we scampered back like frightened rabbits into the house.
He was quite impressed, said it was the second largest nest he'd ever seen. That's us, never do anything halfway. I am now able to wander around my garden without fear of being stung to death. Whew.

In all the excitement I forgot that I had done some stealth sewing back when I was in couch cushion construction mode. Two little cushions for two friends. The chairs at knit night are awfully hard. For some reason I cannot get the photo to rotate. Notice the thoughtful little loop for ease of carrying.

In the world of knitting I am on to the last niece item, wristwarmers. I started out with one pattern, which was cool and kicky but alas, just didn't group well with the other things. I switched over to the pattern on the left and to tell you the truth, I'm still not feeling the love. I am also making mistakes all over the place. No.1 needles, cables, TV watching, failing eyesight, cats desperate to knead, lack of a functioning brain. I think I have to suck it up though and just do them. Time is running short.
We have grapes. And beans, melons, a pitiful amount of tomatoes (still enough to make a fresh salsa last night...yum!), and lots and lots of squash both hard and soft shell. Do I have photos? No.
I am also just about to pick the last of the plums. I always feel so sad eating the last plum. I will have to wait a full year before I can eat another.

I had some pickling syrup leftover from making cucumber pickles yesterday (did I mention lots of cukes too?) so I used it to make pickled eggs. A first. Local eggs, no salmonella. Is it just me or do they look like Alien Spores?

Opal says, This basket smells funny.

Saturday, August 14, 2010


I have finished the cowl for my niece and last up are the wristwarmers. I keep flipping around about just which pattern I'm going to use, there are just so many nice ones. This cowl pattern is called Turtle Tracks, a free Ravelry pattern. It was fast and easy and a very nice fit. Close but you don't feel like you're choking. If you're a beginner knitter this would be a good project for practicing SSK and K2tog.

Size 5's on the ever varied colorway, Fjord/Tosh dk.

I am crazy about this pattern, Pimpelliese, another free pattern. I had some problems getting started but after that it was gravy. Malabrigo sock on size 3's.

However, while being fed a nice lunch and knitting with my friend, Gail, some serious dog romping occurred and P...whatever, now has a huge snag. I am not sure I can work it out so I may have to frog. I haven't given up yet, so keep your fingers cross. That is Omar to the left being a so-so guest and our adorable hosts, Gail and Abby. You guys can feed me lunch anytime!

Last week Hubby roared off on another motorcycle trip to explore the wilds of Oregon.

Before he left he whipped out this amazing and gorgeous cutting table for my sewing room. It's perfect for the space and exactly what I wanted and needed. I am now doing my part - sorting, folding, organizing the various bits and bobs that live in my sewing room. I will be So.Organized! Honest!!

Yeah, it currently really looks like this though to be fair it's worse because I had to pile things up to make room for the table.

While Hubby was away, and I was keeping the home fires burning I turned around one afternoon and noticed something...weird. Hair rising on the back of your neck, Steve McQueen seeing The Blob for the first time type of weird. It just freaks me out - thousands of things with stingers just outside my sliding glass door.

A hornet's nest. Huge. How did I never see it until now? Can we all say together, CREEPY!!! Mr. Bug Man is coming on Monday.


Anise Swallowtail.

Lots going on, most of it not being taken care of by me. Ripe plums, green beans, tomatoes, cucumbers (and more pickling of green beans/cukes), lotsandlotsandlots of squash.

Friday, August 06, 2010


It's deep into summer now. Things are dry, dry, dry. Walking the Wonder Dog earlier this week I could feel the shift in the season. It's the downward slide into fall and winter though I am sure there will be many more hot days ahead. The days are noticeable shorter though and I find myself eying the woodpile and gauging if there is enough for another winter.

Bakersfield is finally finished! One of three scarves I am making for my annual Celtic Festival event in late Sept. We take turns bringing goodies but we always bring something even if it isn't our turn. Knit on size 3's in Sanguine Gryphon's Edios, On the Gate of Animals. I find myself wondering if they meant "gait" instead. A mystery.

I liked the pattern a lot though it turned out more of a scarf than a shawl, it just drapes instead of spreading. One end is much more pointy too. Not sure why. Not sure anyone will actually notice.

I started a cowl out of some more of the much varied than expected colorway, Fjord from Tosh DK. So far I am not using a pattern. I'd like to get a bit of ribbing done then experiment with cables so as to reflect the hat (Gretel). Stay tuned and listen for the sound of frogging.

Another sound that was recently heard was that of my credit card wincing. Filati's had a storewide sale and my friend Gail and I hustled out little selves right over arriving just before the doors opened. Heaven! Top it off with a girlie lunch afterward and I was One.Happy.Camper.

After a year of drooling this finally went on sale at 50% off. Adrienne Vittadini in the colorway Natasha. Wool/Alpaca/Nylon.

Mountain Colors River Twist in Whitewater River. 100% Merino. I can't help but imagine that these all together wonderful colorway names are decided in a boardroom somewhere in the most unromantic of environments. Still, I do enjoy them so.

Mountain Colors River Twist in Stillwater River. 100% Merino. The people at Mountain Colors have the most amazing sense of color.


I find myself making a mental list of things that need to be done before the cold and wet weather starts up. Gardens are a work in progress. There is finally a pretty steady stream of veggies now coming ripe. The joys of just off the vine tomatoes. Sigh.

Sunflowers, maple tree, crocosmia.

Salvia and grasses.


Will Purr for Prey. Opal discovered in her hidyhole waiting for unsuspecting birds. I keep telling her, RODENTS!!!! Not BIRDS!!! I have become quite adept at catching them after prying them from the jaws of not so kind kitties. It's a jungle around here.

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