Sunday, October 18, 2009


I've given up trying to do a garment out of the Sundara Aran silky merino. Don't get me wrong, I love the yarn but I've also knit so many test samples that have stretched from here to Timbuktu that I'll use it for something like a shawl or an afghan. In fact, while cruising patterns on Ralvery (one of my most favorite things) I found an afghan pattern that called to me and bought the book used on Amazon.

Gorgeous Knitted Afghans

Imagine a photo of the book here.

The Lace and Pearls

Imagine a closeup photo of the pattern here.

Like all books this one has things I like and dislike. I'm not big on fringes or huge pearls dangling off of things. I've yet to fall in love with bobbles either. But, those details can always be adjusted to suit ones fancy and taste.

If you haven't noticed, there are few, well, actually, no photos. My dear Fujufilm has broken yet again. It has been mailed off and my old Canon brought out of retirement. I discovered that the rechargeable batteries didn't. Age creeps up on us all and somehow the household was currently experiencing a shortage of batteries. Some very deep scrounging around produced three rather vintage double A's and cannibalizing a small hand held recorder produced another ancient battery. Thankfully, there was just enough charge to take take a few photos of knitting.

The Minnowknits bib overalls.

Done at last. 3/4 done in the newborn size and frogged due to excessive baby growth.

There was a pm comment from The Enabler about how my nails needed some Red Hot Pink. so I did a little Photoshoping. A bit more on the red rather than pink side but why be so picky?

Little dragon buttons. A pain to button up but so very cute.

Size 4's and about 5 skeins knit in the Year One size (let us hope they fit and that he hasn't just grown right past Year One's). Lana Grossa Multicot Print in some sort of colorway that was mostly gray with some purple shades. The purple stained my fingers and made my bamboo needles dark. I switched to metal and they had to be washed now and again otherwise the yarn just wouldn't slide. It was AmaZINGly splitty but despite all of this I rather liked it. I bought it at the annual sidewalk sale at Meadowfarms.

One of the insidious things a LYS can do is have a sale rack. An annual sale is nice but a regular, you just don't know what is going to be there so the rack just calls to you as you walk in. What knitter can resist finding yarn at half off? I can't. I don't NEED 14 skeins of linen/cotton but it is HALF OFF!!! Discontinued!! SOLD!! Despite my deep desire to knit from stash (it having now overflowed it's original storage area) I still find myself picking up yarn on sale.

Emmy keeps bringing beautiful yarn from her stash to knit night and giving it away. Even better than half off.

Not on sale though I wish.

I suspect that Gail must be in cahoots with The Enabler. She brings various yarns that she has bought to knit night and showing them to me.

This rather terrible photo is of two skeins of Eidos from The Sanguine Gryphon. I'm making Demure from it. My first somewhat lacy shawl. It's intended for my stepson's girlfriend but it might be awfully hard to pry this out of my fingers. I ADORE the yarn. They have the most charming website too. I want more of this and I want it NOW.

I did my annual Celtic Festival in Sebastopol. Lots of photos on the memory card! Inaccessible!!! It was outrageously hot all weekend long. I went over to Petaluma with my gf and we again enjoyed what a wonderful LYS Knitterly is. I bought yarn that *will not stretch* for my continuing efforts to make the Silk Open Cardi. The left front (my fourth? fifth?) did not stretch and I'm almost finished with the back. Success may be just over there near the counter. Wish me luck. It's a linen cotton blend in a pale blue. Linova, Colorway 2474 . Thankfully, it doesn't split very easily and isn't making my hands cramp like the Lana Grossa did. Cotton, so lovely, so difficult on the body to knit with.


The kittens continue to thrive and I have no photos to prove it. I would happily show you all the puncture marks all over my body, the chewed off earbud from my Zune, the nibbled ziplock bags, the carpet covered in toys, shredded pieces of paper....well, you get my drift. They are adorable. They are getting Very Big. They are pretty much sure about what happens in the litterbox. We are grateful.

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