Friday, June 18, 2010



Who me? You're the one who left the cupboard open. Opal checking out the pantry staples. She's about 4 feet up.

In the knitting realm.

After three tries my mind finally "got" how this pattern works. At least I think I do. Getting old is not for the faint of heart. I'm trying out some Rowen California Cotton (discontinued).

My first Bugga!

I am in love with this pattern. I found the book it's printed in and who knows. I may get around to making it eventually. I just don't knit fast enough.

My first purchase from The Loopy Ewe. madelinetosh - Tosh sock.

I finally dug into the floor freezer and pulled out 44lbs of plums to make wine with.

The Garden

A greenhouse full of seedlings and it has now come down to three coleus. Still so much to do though - weeding, rearranging, watering. More weeding.


Rust never sleeps and apparently neither do earwigs. Hollyhocks.

Succulent display. Hen and Chicks, various other succulents.

Friday, June 11, 2010


We don't like turnips. I decided to grow outside my comfort zone this year and put in some very pretty turnips. After thinning my little turnip patch I turned to a Greens recipe with high hopes. It just didn't do the trick. I am trying to gather up my courage to rip out the rest.

Abigail is finished. I'm sure it will be next fall before I finally do the final bit, the sewing of the collar and putting on a button. Overall, a lovely pattern that I would like to make again.

Size 3 needles using 2 and a bit skeins of A Star Alpacas. No colorway name but it leans towards Camouflage.

There was some late night yarn buying. Tosh Sock from The Loopy Ewe. I am deeply tempted to buy two more skeins of the purple. Deeply. Tempted.

I gave in to temptation last week while visiting a not quite LYS and bought two skeins of Tosh Sock. One is in the process of being turned into yet another Saroyan.

(And that is a great book. I'm about to start the second one.)


We have a new resident in our pond. It's a bullfrog, an introduced species. Sex unknown but since there seems to be only the one, baby bullfrogs are not likely to appear. S/he makes a high pitched, girlish shriek if I appear unexpectedly (not that I'm expected at any given time).

The Garden

Things are still quite lush after such a rainy winter and spring. The summer heat is just gearing up, the a/c covers are off, and an inventory of shorts and t-shirts has been made. I am ready.

A self portrait with petunias.

Olive, looking very like herself.

The various ferns are unfurling.


Sage and, you know, I still don't remember what the pink flower is called. Must.Look.Up.

Crowded Cats

The Enabler made a comment about cats having to share cat beds and she is right (as usual -annoying but I love her so). There has been crowding observed. Must do something about it soon.

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