Friday, August 24, 2012


It seems like summer has been here a Very Long Time. It's hot. I'm tired of hot. Very.Tired. It hasn't helped that we're having problems with our well. Thankfully, the well people are coming out on Monday to drill and hopefully that translates into lots of water gushing out of taps on demand. What a concept.


The garden is hanging in there...barely. There are bits of colors here and there but for the most part I've had to let them go. It's been a wonderful year for grapes and plums plus there are a lot of peaches ready to pick. The cut-outs of owls seems to have slowed the birds down a great deal. The fig tree is coming ripe so hopefully I will soon be sick of figs.

I promised myself that I would finish the bag I started at the sew-in a month or so ago. It turned out to be pretty easy which was lovely since I had anticipated a huge production. It will be a thank you and happy birthday to the woman who gifted me the fabric. She's very much into the process of knitting so I added a book on shadow knitting.

For myself I continue knitting the sleeves for Mork. I'm almost finished with the second one and loving the pattern. I started with a sleeve because I am not getting quite the same gauge so I've got my fingers crossed that the sweater will end up fitting me. I'm trying so hard to work from stash and what I had was some gorgeous River Twist by Mountain Colors in a very pretty purple blue. You know Mountain Colors, they have such lovely colorways.

Sunday, August 05, 2012


 The Kids' Gansey if finally done. It was fun, it was easy, even though the front was knit twice (at least the cable part was).  I seem to have a habit of reknitting things twice.

Next Up

Reknitting the uneven cable vest (on the cover). I did pretty much the entire thing in a gorgeous copper colored Madelinetosh yarn that turned out to be just too darn big. I really love this vest and I love the yarn so dang it, I'm going to knit it again.


Yesterday I frogged the whole thing. I, um, wasn't really paying attention to how I tied off my skeins so after washing them they were a little, um, messy.  I suppose I'll be untangling for the rest of the Olympics.


I've not been doing much sewing though my head is full of things I want to make. First up though is finishing up a few more Day of the Dead bags.




Last week I did a road trip to San Francisco with two girlfriends to visit the de Young museum and see the John Paul Gautier show. It was AmaZINg! Many of the mannequins had animated faces projected on to them. They talked, they moved their eyes and lips, they sang. It was creepy yet fascinating and naturally the clothes were fantastic. There was even a great knitted dress.

We had a wonderful time though it ended up being a 12 hour day. Must do something like this again soon!

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