Thursday, July 30, 2009


Yesterday we returned home from a short RV trip up into the mountains north of Truckee, Nevada. There were pretty lakes, lovely sprays of overflow at the side of the dam, lots of trees. Even at elevation it wasn't all that cool. So, imagine our surprise when the skies opened up for a summer storm (not unheard of) and it hailed. Not once but twice. I mean, that is just weird.

A medium sized husband for scale purposes.

Omar is a good traveler. He's not always sure he's having fun but he is always happy to be with us. When not casting interesting shadows he likes to nest on the bed in the RV. We left the cats at home with the a/c on, internet access, direct TV, and multiple bowls of food and water.

I finally finished the hooded baby blanket/towel. Lots and lots of mindless garter stitch. Knit on size 7's from no real pattern (cast on 2, increase every other row along the ends until you like the size, then decrease) using Sirdar Denim Sport Aran. I think I have enough of the paler blue leftover (and some white in stash) to make the sneakers that I found on Valerie's blog. They are so very cute!

I made a quick trip down to the bay area for a variety of reasons. I met the recipient of my baby knitting efforts. Say hello to Sammy, he's all of two weeks old and his parents are thrilled to pieces to have him. I was pretty smitten myself.

I have been so tired of the Pink Mimosa (I swear it is haunted - it unravels at night) that I knit the left front of the Classic Silk Open Cardi using some lovely Sundara Silky Aran in Sweet Orange Blossom just to have something else to knit. I've had issues in the past with yarn blooming on me when washed so I thought I'd knit a whole piece, measure it, wash and block, then measure again. So far it seems to have grown .25 stitches per inch. I love the yarn, I love the elegant simplicity of the pattern. Now, if I can the thing to actually fit me we'll be in business.

There has been the usual summer activity of making pickles and jams. I use a mandolin to slice the cucumbers and I admit it, I'm deathly afraid of the thing. One drift off into mental space and you're missing a couple of fingertips on your right hand. I am rather fond of my fingertips. We do a lot together. I don't talk on the phone, play music or have anyone around to distract me when I'm slicing and dicing.

Monday I headed out to Marysville (30 to 45 minutes away) to have my annual visit with my dermatologist. He used to be 5 minutes away but has closed his local office. On the way back a stone was thrown up and this happened to my windshield. All together now... BUMMER!!!

The upside is that it's not all that expensive to repair (yet just under my deductible) and the guy will actually come to my house and do the work.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Sixty on Sat.

Oh yes, the big 60 is nearly here. Birthdays ending with a zero are always pretty amazing. I can't complain though. I'm healthy (though wearing an elbow brace for tennis/knitting elbow), and have a lot of my brain cells still function. If only they would fire all together...

I am still working on the Pink Mimosa. I poke at it now and again. As a palate freshener I knit this cute little number...and I did it backwards from the pattern. I really must get in the habit of reading patterns before I start off. It still works just fine (I should have cast on all and knit it up - I cast on the width and knit the length). It's for my cousin who lives in Parry Sound Ontario where it gets Very Cold in the winter. She made a strategic error of saying she liked the mitered hanging dish towel I made for her from the second Mason-Dixon book.
Knit on size 5 needles using di.vo Autunno from stash. I seem to use this yarn a lot. It shades gradually from one color to the next in a lovely way. It's soft and nice next to your skin. The button is from stash and since I could not measure my cousin's neck I attached it with a plastic cotter pin so it can easily be moved. I like this pattern so much I'm sure I'll knit it again for myself.
Life at Chez Earin's has been rather busy. I went over to Phoenix for a week to visit with The Enabler and we then went to Tempe for a three day sew-in. This was my second year and I had just as much fun, probably more than the year before. But man, Phoenix is HOT. When knitting I worked on the second Monkey sock.
We sewed, and sewed, and sewed. Suzy finished things. I tried and came close. We were down to 70 or so people this year from the 80+ from the year before. Sewing just isn't having a renewal like knitting. Did I mention the food? The food, the hotel, the people, everything was fantastic.
After the sew-in we visited and that was so nice. I just don't get enough time to just hand around with The Enabler and her husband.
Fast Track
After I came home I went to the sidecar races in Auburn. This involves people on motorcycles going Very, Very, FAST around a dirt track. There were also races where people were on modified motorcycles with a platform where the sidecar would be. On this, a person called a "Monkey" hangs on for dear life as they proceed to go like manics around the track. The Monkey shift around, bottoms nearly touching the ground using their weight to help go faster around turns. Yes, there was "spillage". It's on the dangerous side.

Hubby and friends enjoying the preshow.

Then there was the Fourth of July and a BBQ on Sunday. I was pooped (and very well fed).

The Garden

Otis looking very color coordinated.


The flowers and the vegetables are in full swing. We are eating figs, green beans, squash (pumpkin/zukes), several types of plums, basil and other herbs, cukes, and just a couple of tomatoes so far.

Yet another shot of the Japanese Maple tree.


Hostas, unknowns.

California fuchsia with Japanese grass in the background.

Immature pumpkin.

There was a heatwave while I was gone and the yellow zuke went crazy.
Omar is almost certain I'm not going to disappear again and has stopped following me at zero distance (I had a wet spot on the back of my calf from his nose). Now it's time to wrap up my summer UFO's and get ready for the Fall.

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